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A while back when I was working with a client, I realized that as we discussed different strategies to win dream clients, I kept saying, ‘just like in dating…’.

And it hit me: there are so many parallels between winning dream clients and dating. So I decided that would be a great way to help my readers win their dream clients, too.

These strategies worked great for me … in fact, it led to meeting (and marrying) the love of my life. So if you’re not getting the results you want with either, keep reading!

One thing I did wrong in my early dating career was that I didn’t aim high enough. Instead of looking for Mr. Right, I was looking for Mr. Good Enough.

I finally wised up and decided that good enough just wasn’t good enough for me.  So I aimed higher.  

Much higher.

I decided that instead of attracting Mr. Good Enough, I was ready to attract Mr. Dream Partner.

The same holds true with clients. You don’t want to attract just any client, but your dream clients. Because they’re the ones who will love working with you, and with whom you will love working as well!

Many business owners believe that they have to make the client like them. But the reality is, if you shift your mindset ever-so-slightly, you’ll see a dramatic shift in the type of clients you book (and partners you attract).

Just like in dating, you want them to like you. But here’s the catch: you need to like them, too. It’s a two-way street. And if you approach your client meetings (and dating) that way, you’ll see dramatically different results.

How do you do that?  When you meet with a potential client, remember this:

You’re interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you.

When you make this shift (as I did when I was dating), you’re essentially putting out there that you’re not just good enough. You’re great. And why wouldn’t you want to hire me??

It gives you that confidence boost you need, which is exactly what your client (and potential partner) wants to see.

And it makes them want you more.

I know it seems like a slight change, but it produces BIG results. You’ll feel more empowered, confident, and you’ll start winning those dream clients (and maybe even a dream partner, too!).

It worked for me. And I know it will work for you, too!


8-19-13 Maria Bayer Head Shots Chicago, IL Photo credit required for all public use @2013 Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Maria Bayer is the creator of “Irresistible Selling: How to Win Wedding & Event Clients You Love”, an online group coaching program where wedding pros learn how to win their Dream Clients quickly and authentically, without being sales-y. If you’d like to receive more tips on winning your Dream Clients, sign up at