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Lemonade standMy husband is a marketer for a candle company based here in the US.  Wonderful palm wax candles—clean burning, no soot and scent all the way from the top to the bottom…for a candle lover, it’s the golden challis of candles.   Leave it to an eight-year old boy to run circles around the top sales people in the company, not to mention teach every person who sells anything a thing or two.  Here’s his lesson, in easy-to-read second grade language:

He walks up to perfect strangers at the grocery store, mall, parking lot—anywhere—and asks: “Do you like candles?”  It’s a simple enough question, and he seems non-threatening of course, so they politely answer him with either a “yes” or “no.”  If they say yes, he hands them his Mom’s business card and a sample.  But what if they say no?  He hands them his Mom’s business card and a sample.

Sales really is this simple.  If an eight-year-old can do it, without fear of rejection, without hesitance… then why can’t you?

“If you knock on enough doors, eventually someone will say yes!”

But this sage advice, although true, is dated.  It’s not just you knocking on that person’s door, it’s also 27 other vendors selling their wares.  So what’s a savvy professional like you to do?

Be Fearless.  An eight-year-old knows no fear.  He hasn’t been rejected enough in life yet to start doubting himself and his abilities.  The worst thing the potential lead can say is “NO” and does that really hurt?  No.

Do Your Groundwork.  Think like your client.  Know what they think your product is worth—remember, they vote with their dollars.

Don’t Take it Personal.  When someone says “no,” they are not saying no to you, they are saying no to what you have to offer.  Move on.

No Guts, No Glory.  If you don’t try, you have nothing to gain.   If you don’t get out there, no one will know you exist.   Take a deep breath and go.

Be Persistent.  Most people call (initial call, follow up, etc) once, and never again.  A few call a second or third time.  Generally, it takes 5+ contacts to make a sale.  Keep at it till the bride tells you “no.”

You too, can sell like an eight-year-old!  Go out there and conquer!

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