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You know, it’s that trip you take a couple times a month (or if you are like us with growing kids, a couple times a week!), to the grocery store.  Although if you go on a Saturday mid-morning, it isn’t all so bad because they feed you!  Every isle is crowned with a stainless steel plated cart showcasing some yummy treat…everything from vitamin infused water to roasted peppers and sausage is yours for the taking.  Sure, you have to fight the crowds but for a free lunch, it’s worth it!


If there’s one thing grocery stores can teach us, it’s to sample our product to sell more!  Think about it—what’s the purpose of those free tasty treats?  So you want them and buy them.  Wedding professionals can do the same in their businesses and in turn sell even more products and services!  Not sure how?  Here’s a list we created to get you going with ideas:

Photographers can offer a mini photo shoot at a bridal show or venue tasting.  The pictures are then available online, or, if you have a studio, have them stop in to pick up a complimentary print.

Bakers can give free slices of cake out at a bridal show, or, provide an entire cake for a venue cake tasting.  This way, they can see it, feel it, smell it AND taste it.

Florists can teach a free workshop on weddings with lots of samples on hand.  Be sure to have real bouquets in a few different shapes and sizes so your guests attending the workshop can “try on” the bouquets in front of a mirror to see how they will look with their body size.

DJ’s can host a free dance class for the bride and groom and have their equipment setup so they can see and hear it.  BONUS:  Partner with a venue to host this class and really show off how awesome you are!

Planners can offer a free 30-minute consultation and provide a complimentary wedding planner to help keep the bride organized.  Be sure to have the bride complete a questionnaire ahead of time as well so you can demonstrate to her how you can be her savior when it comes to wedding planning!

Stationers can provide a free workshop or shoot a You Tube video explaining invitation etiquette.

Dress Shops can host a mini bridal show with models wearing the season’s latest gowns.

Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists can provide mini makeovers at a bridal show or venue tasting, or host a free in-store workshop where your guests (brides-to-be) act as your models and you do their hair and makeup (not a full-blown job, but something quick that makes them look stunning and gets them to book you for their wedding on the spot).

Caterers can partner with other wedding vendors and provide certificates for a free dinner for two.

Now it’s your turn—start brainstorming ideas on how you can sample your products and services to sell more!