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Obviously, I’m a fan of blogging (I’m doing it right now!), but if you are not blogging for your wedding business yet you are missing out on one AMAZING, POWERFUL business tool!

Some blogging stats for your enjoyment:

  • In 1999, there were just 23 blogs.  In 2015, there are 152 million +.
  • Most people read 2-5 blogs per day
  • 79% of readers read in the AM
  • 41% of readers read in the evening

Still not convinced?  Keep reading…

  • 53% of blog readers are 21-35 years old (a great age group for people getting married!!)
  • 70% of US consumers have made a purchase based on a blog he/she read
  • Websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages, which boasts SEO (hubspot)
  • Small businesses that blog receive 128% more leads than those who don’t (ThinkCreative)Blog infographic

Okay, enough on the facts to convince you, now you understand you really should be blogging.  Here’s your plan of action, all written out for you.  Simply follow it!

  • First, commit to blog.  Say it out loud and write it down, “I WILL BLOG!!”  You don’t want to start and then stop a couple weeks in because you are not seeing instant results.  It takes time, and even if you think no one is reading…they are!  My blog on WordPress, WeddingStyle, has thousands of subscribers.
  • Blog at minimum once a week, every week
    • According to Hubspot, businesses that blog 20+ times a month receive 5 times more traffic than those who blog only 4 times a month (once a week)
  • Publish your blog posts in the morning, so more people read them
  • The best day of the week to publish a post is Tuesday
  • Keep posts to a reasonable length; 1000 words or less.  The average blog is 300-500 words.
  • Use images (blogs with images are seen 95% more than those without)
  • Blogs that are directly linked to your website will do wonders for your website traffic (versus using WordPress or Tumblr).

So you open up a WordPress account or launch the blog function on your website, and you put your fingers on the keyboard…and you wait…and wait…but nothing happens.  Everything is racing through you mind from, “where did that bride from last night say she got her shoes?” to, “what’s for dinner tonight?” … and then the real question, “What the heck do I write about????”

  • First, don’t brag about yourself.  You can be personal, but no one wants to listen to someone who is self-adsorbed.
  • Think about what your bride, your target audience, would want to read.  What questions have they asked you?  What education do they need in order to hire a wedding vendor properly?  What tools can you provide them to help with the wedding planning process?
  • Showcase your work!!!!  Remember, readers love pictures, so show high quality/professionally taken photographs of your work to provide brides with inspiration.

Need more help?  I have prepared a free article just for you!  52 Traffic-Driving Blog Post Ideas for your Wedding Business provides you will 52 actual topics you can use now to jump-start your blog!  Email me now: for your free copy and I’ll sign you up for weekly updates of free, valuable wedding business advice as well!

Have a question?  Comment?  Love it?  Hate it?  Leave your note below in the comments!