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Bridal show

Look at the above picture–mass chaos is one word that comes to mind.  Each year, hundreds, maybe even thousands (depending on your city) of brides gather at a local venue to walk for countless hours, meet an insane number of wedding vendors, check out the hottest gowns during the fashion show, then collapse into their car seats from exhaustion.  When the bride gets home, she dumps her “bag o’ goodies” out on the living room floor like it is Halloween candy and sorts through.  She pulls the marketing materials that look interesting to her and trashes the rest.

How do you make sure she is saving your marketing piece?

You have to make it stand out from the others.


1.)  Make it a different size/shape than everyone else’s     Don’t do the typical tri-fold brochure that is standard (or small postcard–those have become popular because of cost).  Oh no–go for the oversized postcard, a bi-fold booklet(what we do), even a different shape, such as oval.  Got Print ( based out of California is a wonderful online printer who specializes in different sized/shaped pieces (I use them and am not being compensated to mention them.  I love their quality enough to share their good name).

2.)  Make it colorful     Use a bold background color that will stand out in the sea of marketing pieces scattered on her living room floor.  Use attractive, trendy colors to draw the eye (gold is popular right now).

3.)  Use professional language and a clean typeset   Have a current bride read your mock-up of the marketing piece before you print it.  Ask her if it would interest her.  If not, ask her what would and change your wording.  Don’t use long, run-on sentences.  Use bullet-points as much as possible.  Have a headline and a sub heading, if needed.  BE SURE YOUR CONTACT INFO IS OBVIOUS AND EASY TO FIND!!!  Nothing is worse than finding a vendor you like but then you can’t find their phone number or website on the brochure.  Small print on the back is the kiss of death!  We put our phone number and website at the bottom (footer) of each page of our booklet.

4.)  Showcase your work     She ate cake from 10+ bakers.  She doesn’t remember yours per se,  but if you have pictures of gorgeous cakes all over your marketing piece, and those designs are the same as what you featured at the bridal show, a light bulb will go off in her head and she’ll remember how fantastic your buttercream icing was!  Now your marketing piece goes in the “saved” pile.

You are one in a million, and at a bridal show, that concept doesn’t have to work against you.  Make it work for you!

What kind of marketing pieces do you hand out at bridal shows?  What do you do to make your pieces stand out?  Please share in the comments below.