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Everyone is trying to rank on the 1st page of Google but not everyone knows how to or is even able to. In order to rank, you either have to hire an SEO person/company or take the time to learn how to do it yourself and then you actually have to take the time to do it!

The good news is Google provides some free tools to help you with your SEO but you have to learn how to use and interpret them. Here is a list of a few.

  • Google Keyword Planner Tool – Allows you to do basic keyword research.
  • Google Analytics – Tells you how your visitors interact with your site during their visit.
  • Google Search Console – Tells you what Google sees on your website and if there are any problems.

Today, I want to discuss a great feature that is offered in Google Search Console ( called “Search Analytics”.  This feature allows you to see what Keywords Google is associating with your website and how well they are driving traffic to it.

Now, log in to your GSC account and click on your website to go to your Dashboard. From there you will click on the following buttons.

  1. Search Traffic
  2. Search Analytics
  3. Impressions
  4. CTR (Click Thru Rate)
  5. Position

Scroll down and you will see a list of Keywords along with some other very helpful information.

  1. Queries – This is the actual Keyword that people are typing into Google.
  2. *Monthly Volume – This is the approximate, but not every accurate, monthly search volume for that Keyword according to Google Keyword Planner.
  3. *CPC (Cost Per Click) – This is the estimated cost per click in Google AdWords for that Keyword.
  4. *Competition – This tells you how competitive the Keyword is within Google AdWords on a scale of .00 to 1. The closer the number is to 1 the more competition you would have and the more you would pay.
  5. Clicks – This is the number of times someone has clicked on your website that is ranking for that Keyword from the Google search results.
  6. Impressions – This is the number of times Google has shown a page on your website for that particular keyword.
  7. CTR (Click Thru Rate) – This percentage represents the amount that that keyword has driven traffic to your website. It is calculated like this: Clicks/Impressions x 100 = CTR.
  8. Position – This is the average position a page on your website is ranking for on Google for that Keyword.

Disclaimer: Unless you install a browser plugin called “Keywords Everywhere” your Search Console will not show the metrics for Monthly Volume, CPC or Competition. Here is a link if you want to install it.

Chrome –

Firefox –

I’m sure by now you are asking what to do with all of this valuable information, right? For the purpose of this blog, the main thing I want you to focus on is the CTR. This number will tell you how effective your Titles and Meta-Descriptions are in the Google Search Results Page (SERP’s) at converting/driving traffic to visit your website. A high CTR means more potential customers. If it’s a low CTR, then you will need to work on making your Title and Meta-Description better in order to entice searchers to visit your website.  I don’t know about you but I want a high CTR.

Here’s a little tip I learned from a very effective copywriter. When you’re writing the Titles and Meta-Descriptions for each page of your website, think of them as classified ads you would see in publications like the National Enquirer or in the back of a magazine. Since there is limited space, you have to tell exactly what you offer and capture the potential visitor’s attention in order for them to click to visit your site.

Please, don’t read this and disregard this seemingly small tip. Even though you may think it’s insignificant and not worth your time, this one tip has the ability to increase the traffic to your website and as a result convert more visitors into clients.

If you don’t have Google Search Console (or Google Analytics) set-up for your website I have a free tutorial for you here ( FYI, it may take a few days for Google to collect data on a fresh set-up.

Don’t waste any more time losing traffic to your competitor and do it now. It only takes a few minutes.


Shea Bailey is the other half of a great husband and wife team at Wedding Industry Rescue ( He takes care of the tedious, less glamorous behind the scenes work for their businesses and their clients. He spends his days analyzing – everything. From the content, you have on your site, to how to improve conversion rates by using your Google Analytics and improving your visitor’s user experience. And then he makes changes, clicks some buttons, and then he analyzes again. It’s a process, and he loves doing it!