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Just like Maria sang in the Sound of Music, “Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start”

When you market to brides, rather it be in print, through your social media posts or even in the words you speak during a consultation, there is one word that sticks out beyond the rest.  One word that you have to actually use as well as keep in mind as you talk or write or market to them.

Have you thought about it?

This one word gets their attention in copywriting…you know, the text you use to get people to read something.


The word YOU.

This word makes people stop and read.  It’s personal.  It’s possessive.  After all, this wedding is all about your client, right?  No one wants to hear about you, the wedding pro, they want to hear all about themselves.  What you are going to do for them–to make their wedding a showstopper.

First Rule:  Replace the word WE with YOU.  This isn’t about the two or three of you.  It’s all about your client.  There is no we in this story (although I’m all excited because so many more grooms are getting involved in wedding planning today…okay that’s another article 🙂 ).

Second Rule:  I I I I I….no I!!  Twist it around to, instead of being about yourself, to being about the client.  Try this:  Put yourself in the client shoes for a minute.  You are the one with a pocket full of cash looking to hire a wedding planner.  The wedding planner tells you she is going to design a stellar wedding…how does that make you feel, as opposed to her telling you that YOU are going to have the most stellar wedding ever!!

Change: “I’m going to design the prettiest wedding ever!!!” To: “Your wedding is going to be the prettiest ever!!!”

Do you feel the difference?  “Your wedding is going to be the best ever!!!” is so much more personal and possessive for the client.


I have another word for you!!  One that will light the client up like a sparkler on the Fourth of July!!!!


Think about it–when you are out at a restaurant and the waiter, when bringing back your credit card, says to you, “Have a great night, John!” Don’t you feel like you have super powers?  Hearing and reading your name is powerful.  It makes people more engaged and even more trusting in the message they are hearing/reading.

So when you meet your client for the first time, address him/her/them by name when you shake hands or welcome them to your office.

SECRET SAUCE:  How can you show them their name?  Remember, seeing their name in writing is even BIGGER than just saying it!! Could it be on a personalized sign, “welcome Sarah and John” as they enter your studio for the consultation?  How cool would that be?!?!?

Try this the next time you send an email (use their name in the subject line), or try my sign idea above and comment below how it worked for you!!