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Want to get your website seen by brides on the WWW?  You need to know these terms before you begin (and before you attend our workshop this Thursday on HOW TO GET BRIDES TO FIND YOU ONLINE!)


When a page you requested cannot be found, this error appears.  It usually happens because the link was missing something or broken (doesn’t work).


A series of words or phrases used to describe an image or website.  It informs the search engines what the image or website is all about.


A link within a website that directs to another website.  When a reputable site links to you, it will boost your own list’s ranking.


Used as part of your marketing goals, a conversion is a measurement between, for example, how many people saw your website and how many people requested a consultation.  Also known as a conversion rate.


Google, the most popular search engine, provides a free tool which tracks traffic to your websiteconversions, bounce rate, and many other factors.


This is the percentage of visitors to your website who leave after viewing only one page.


This is HTML code found in your header and subheaders which tells serach engines about your site so they can rank it. It is 65 words long and includes keywords.


A measurement used to see how many people look at a single web page or a social post.  A user can see a page or social post more than once.


Is a single word or phrase used by people when searching for something on a search engine.  Example:  “Wedding flowers” is a phrase and are key words.  These words then must appear in the tags of a website in order for it to be found.


How relevant your page is determines where you show up when someone searches your key words.  This is the free listing on a search engine and on Google it appears below the map.


You create an ad that is displayed on the search engine using key words and when someone searches those key words, your ad appears.  For Google, it is called Ad Words.


When someone searches key words, this is the order in which websites appear for the search.


Robots that scan the internet so search engines can provide websites that relate to the seached key words quickly.

Now that you know the lingo, join us this Thursday, March 23rd for a fabulous workshop, “HOW TO GET BRIDES TO FIND YOU ONLINE!” where you will learn:

  • The secret to being listed on Google
  • Setup Google anayltics and see who is visitng what page and where they come from
  • Tips on how to blog better so brides find your website 
  • How to make your site so darn pretty they want to come back again and again!!

The 60-minute workshop is free for Core Club members or just $49 if you are not CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP

Can’t join us live?  We’ll email you a replay link to watch when you can!!