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Gina Zeidler is a fabulous wedding and lifestyle photographer who is dominating the Minneapolis area!  Her love for people and optimistic attitude attracts not only brides but other wedding photographers to her amazing website which is sophisticated and playful all at the same time.  I had the pleasure of asking Gina some questions and I am sharing her answers with you now to inspire and motivate!


Name of company: Gina Zeidler

Years in Business: 8

How many weddings do you shoot a year?  Each year differs depending on what’s going on with my family! Years I was expecting (my child) or in my first year of motherhood (I shot) 12-16, other seasons like 2016 I am shooting around 20!

What is your goal for 2016? To gross $15,000 more than 2015. But more importantly my biggest GOAL is to steward my finances this year, to the goal of $35,000, Lord willing of course! I love Dave Ramsey’s
teaching and heart around money! We can make all the money but if we don’t steward it well, making more will just mean spending more.   My ultimate goal is to love and serve my clients and at the end of the day!! Mentoring and Speaking is also a part of my business that I love to do.


Who is your target market?  My target market is people who are awesome! Clients that want to have a personal relationship with their photographer. I love NOTHING more than walking into a wedding day and I am called “friend.”  Where I live planners aren’t often in a budget, so I play parts of that role often with my couples. I just want to SERVE THEM ultimately!

How much do you charge?  My wedding price points are higher,  $3000-6000 collections.

Explain your wedding process. I become their guide, friend and expert. Walking through common planning pieces, timing of the day, your photography timeline and such should all be presented at your first consult! Along with a little gift! (YES BEFORE THEY BOOK) Make them feels SUPER special. I also make it a point to NOT meet anywhere standard (starbucks, etc). I find my favorite hole-in-wall and treat my potential clients to a drink of their choice! Be the expert during the consult, in a generous and gentle way and you will build SO MUCH trust! I also send a questionnaire prior to our meeting to get a little more information on this couple to be!


What are you known for?  What makes you stand out?  For being real, fun and crazy organized. Getting my clients to relax, LOOK like themselves and have a blast doing it. Forbeing their photographer, but also a bit of a planner, wedding guru and trusted source. Also for being a goof ball! I do a lot of timeline and flow planning for my clients wedding days which I really think makes my workstand out.

I think the perfect wedding vendor is real, inviting, fun and professional. So make it FUN. Find places to really get to know yourclients? Can you add a fun question to your contact form? Another great exercise I walk my mentoring clients through is. What do you want your clients to FEEL like when they experience any part of your business? (Think of 5 describing words?). For example. I want my clients to feel
excited, fresh, clear, welcome and taken care of. So every decision (website, instagram, client booking experience) needs to reflect my 5 words. RIGHT? Do your clients FEEL those things when they encounter your website? Social media? If not! It’s ok, just a really good gut check for what we are actually putting out there!!!

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All Images courtsey of Gina Zeilder.

THANK YOU Gina, for being such a rockin’ wedding pro and inspiring us all to live a life of love and giving!!