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By Kristie Lorette McCauley, Guest Contributor

Let’s face it…you are not the best wedding planner for every wedding and every bride (groom, couple) is not the right client for your wedding biz.


In fact, if you are marketing to everyone, if you are writing marketing messages that speak to everyone, then you are really marketing your biz to nobody. I always say you have to niche it to rich it in the wedding industry. (I can see the panic on your face already). Picking a niche can be scary. It can make you feel as if you are propelling business instead of booking business.

I can assure you this is not the case. Stick with me and let’s take a look-see at some of the benefits that picking a wedding niche has and how it can make you rich.

Focus Marketing Efforts

The biggest benefit of picking a niche is you can focus your marketing efforts. When you work to attract a specific type of bride or wedding, you can narrow your focus on everything from the words you choose to use on your website to where you fish for brides. Not only does this save you time and money, it lands you more business because your marketing is so targeted and on-point that it attracts more of the dreamiest of the dream brides (You know, the ones you’ve been dreaming of attracting anyway.) to your business.

Perfect Your Talents

The saying, “Jack (or Jill) of all trades, master of none” should come to mind. When you are trying to be a generalist, you’re always working to fit your skills to any old bride that comes along. When you cater to one niche, you can truly work on perfecting your talents. Your creative juices can flow so much faster and easier because you know the brides in your niche (well, like the back of your hand). You walk like them. You talk like them. You breathe like them. You are them.

Stand Out in the Industry

The wedding industry is a crowded one. It’s not to say that there isn’t enough business for everyone because there certainly is, but being a specialist can really help your business to stand out from the crowd of wedding planners in your market. If you’re the expert wedding planner for your particular niche, then every bride that falls in that niche is going to hunt you down and stand in line to hire you.

That all sounds like a big cha-ching for you and for your bank account.

Still not convinced? Think of it this way. A heart surgeon only works on hearts – all day long, all the time. A general practitioner can encounter almost any number of ailments on a daily basis. Which one makes more money? It’s definitely the heart surgeon. Take it a step further, if you had to have heart surgery, would you go to the heart surgeon or the general practitioner? Exactly.


Christmas-Headshot Kristie Lorette McCauley has a passion for words and all things wedding.  As a certified wedding planner and author of numerous wedding books and articles, Kristie is THE wedding planner copywriter, providing you with copy that books your dream bride!  Visit her website: