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Once a month, schedule time with yourself to reflect on your business.  Grab a glass of wine, kick on the fireplace, tune the iPod to some smooth jazz music and take your business home for a date night.


  • Reflect on your WHY

Remind yourself why you are in business in the first place.  What you do touches people and leaves an impact on your client’s lives.  It is part of your legacy and what your children/family/friends will remember.

  • Review your MESSAGE

This may be your mission statement, your slogan, or your cause.  Review it–read it out loud and believe in it.  Fight for it!!

  • Review your TARGET MARKET

Who is your ideal client?  Are you attracting these people?  Where are they?  How are you searching for them?  Are you finding them or do you need a revamp?

  • Revisit your QUARTERLY PLAN

At the end of last quarter we set measureable goals for your business for the current quarter; how is that progressing?  Are you on target to reach the goals?  Why or why not (examine and celebrate your victories; figure out what isn’t working and why)?


What’s working?  What isn’t?  Take a look at your budget–are you staying within it?  Are you getting leads?  Are those leads converting to bookings?

  • Study your OVERHEAD

Are you staying in budget (create a budget if you do not already have one)?  Are there areas you are spending too much on/not enough on?  Is your labor spending in-check?  COGS?

  • Review your BOOK OF BUSINESS

Know what weddings you have upcoming, who you need to reach out to and schedule a final consultation, whose wedding has concluded and you need to send a thank you note to, etc.


Make sure your numbers are up-to-date.  Run a P&L (profit and loss) statement and see where you are financially.


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