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Business_Cards_VariousIt’s your calling card; your hand-out so people can contact you.  You create the normal card with the typical information…name, maybe title, business name, address, phone number, email, website (please tell me you are including all that info!!).  Everything a prospective client or someone who is going to refer you needs, right?  Right??

Your business card speaks volumes about who you are, who your business targets, and the quality of work you do.  Don’t believe me?  Go attend a networking event and meet some new people.  Someone will have a card printed on the computer at home, someone will have to dig deep in his pocket to pull out a crumpled up card with the wrong phone number on it, another person will have her name and info, but you have NO CLUE what her business is because the card doesn’t say, and last but not least, someone, no, many someone’s, won’t have a card on them at all.  Seriously!!

Here are some stellar tips to save you and your business card from the eternal pit known as a trash can:

  • Make it clear what your business is. If you have a cool name but it isn’t crystal clear what you do, add a by-line explaining your craft.  Example:  Your business name is Urban Impact.  Someone may think you are a clothing store, or a home décor store, but you really are a creative photographer.  Add a line below your business name or logo reading, “Creative photography for your Urban Lifestyle.”
  • Include pictures. Realtors made including your portrait popular, and it does help to connect your potential client but a face to the name.  But it doesn’t have to be a headshot.  Include a photo or two on the back of your work; a gorgeous cake you baked.  The most stunning bridal bouquet ever.   A captivating image of a bride and groom sharing their first kiss.  Make it memorable, make it your best work and it will sell for you.
  • Offer advice or tips. Make your business card informative in multiple ways!  At Bloomtastic, we included a series of wedding tips on the back of our business cards.  Advice such as, “Make pew decorations do double-duty and serve as cocktail decorations, too!” and “Flower girls feel like little princesses when they carry a flower wand or pomander ball!” helped position us as an expert by giving advice and provided the bride with ideas she can really use.
  • Include a call-to-action. Entice you potential clients to use you by adding a special offer to your card.  Offers such as, “Free Consultation when you present this card”  to a free report that contains value information via a web address add value and help you track where your leads are coming from.
  • Keep your information up to date.  Make sure your phone number, address and email are all current.  And please, don’t take a pen and scratch out wrong info or worse—someone else’s name and put yours!  That’s tacky and unprofessional.
  • Go bold to stand out. Make your card colorful, chose a thick paper.  Use both sides and pay extra for gloss.  Change up the shape—go for square, round or oval.  Now who has the coolest card?  You do!
  • Red and black will bring them back! Black backgrounds stand out among a sea of white cards.  Red ink is the most notable while everyone else uses black, grey or blue.

 So before your next networking opportunity or meeting with a bride, do a reality check on your business card.  Revamp, update or do a major overhaul and you will see the results on the faces of the people you hand your card to!