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Recently a client asked me about blogging.  She doesn’t have one yet, and doesn’t know where to begin.  Since she is unsure, I’m sure that many of you are unsure, too, so this week is dedicated to tips on creating your very own blog!!  Be sure to follow us on Instagram @profitableweddings and on Facebook for more tips this week!!

It doesn’t take much to get a blog going, but it takes A LOT of effort to keep it going!!  My first piece of advice:  Don’t start a blog unless you have the time to devote to it to keep it going.  Brides will judge you based on your blog posts; if you have a recent post, you are active and that’s a good sign.  If you haven’t posted in months, or since 2014, that’s a really bad sign and the bride will be turned off by this.  Brides will also consider someone who posts more often an expert over someone who posts every now and again.

How much time does it take?  Well, have much time do you have??  If you can blog once a week, you are golden!!  There are so many stats out there saying how many times you should blog…daily, in the wedding world and my opinion is too much unless you are Style Me Pretty.  If you are blogging for your wedding business, once a week is great!!  Twice a month is good, but at a minimum, once a month is a requirement.

The more you post, the shorter your posts can be (in my opinion).  So if you are weekly, 30 minutes a week to write a 500 or so word post with pics is what you need to budget.  If you are writing less often, you need to make your posts stellar, so budget 60-90 minutes so you can create longer pieces.

What to blog about?  I get asked that all the time!!  You are a plethora of knowledge–share it!!  Blog about a recent wedding…tips for brides….how to’s…behind the scene glimpses….interviews of brides as testimonials….interviews of other area wedding pros…

Ready to get started?  Let’s go!!

STEP 1:  Chose a Platform   It’s no secret, WordPress is the biggest and probably the best.  I suggest that your blog be directly on your website, but if this isn’t possible, starting a free on on WordPress is the second best option.  You can assign it to your own domain ( or use WordPress itself (  Believe it or not, I started my wedding business blog soooo long ago, blogging on my site wasn’t an option yet.  I have over 3000 followers, so I have just left it on WordPress.  It’s amazing how many people will find you through WordPress!  If you chose your own domain you will need a web host; if you can create the blog on your website the hosting will already be taken care of for you.

STEP 1.5:  Chose a Template if using WordPress     WordPress has lots of for fee and free templates you can use for your blog.  Chose one that is easy to follow and navigate as well as defines your style in one easy, quick glance.  You have about 10 seconds to make your potential reader swoon over your site and want to read, so make it look good.

STEP 2:  Name your Blog     You first need a name for your website ( if you are creating this outside of your current website.  Remember to keep it simple (if you are Amber Smith Photography then your blog name should represent your business name…”ambersmithblog” for example) and keep it short (“ambersmithphotographyblog” is just too long) and recognizable as well as easy to spell (if you have a complicated to spell last name, perhaps drop that from the website address).  You can also create a catchy name for the blog!  For Bloomtastic, our wedding blog is called, “Wedding Style.”

STEP 3:  Write!    Easier said that done, right??  If you love to write, then just start writing.  When the mood strikes me, I grab my laptop (or iPhone and use the notes app) and just start typing.  It may be something I use today, next month, or never, but nonetheless, write.  If you don’t like to write, then you are still in luck!!  The wedding industry is one of the most visual industries and people LOVE to look at pics of pretty weddings, so create a visual blog of images of your work!!  Need inspiration on what to write about?  Here’s a year’s worth of blog post ideas via my free eBook 52-Blog Posts for your Wedding Business   You’re welcome.  🙂

STEP 4:  Promote     Today, nothing is really for free.  You don’t get discovered just because your pretty.  You don’t get brides just because you do good work (although that is the goal, right??).  And you don’t get readers just because you put a blog out there.  One of the best ways to get your blog noticed is to promote it via your Facebook ,Twitter and Instagram pages.  Create a post with a picture that brides will love.  Include the link to your blog post and You will need to pay to play–and this is where the “almost” in the title comes in to play–drop $10-20 bucks in to promote the post and make sure to target it to ENGAGED ladies in your market.  It’s inexpensive way to reach thousands of brides-to-be.  Another great way is to tap in to those other wedding pros in your area with a more established blog.  How, you ask?  This is my SECRET SAUCE:  Interview them!!  Interview them for your blog, giving them added exposure and he/she will be so excited she will post about the interview on his/her blog (sometimes you have to ask them to, but they will.  Everyone loves to brag about themselves!!).

…And there you have it…4.5 steps to creating your very own blog!!

Do you already have a blog?  Include it in the comments below so we can all follow one another!!