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imageIt’s on your TV, your radio…in your magazines and even on the back of the stall door at the arena. It’s marketing, and it’s everywhere!  Some of its good, some of its amazing, and the rest leaves a lot to be desired.  In a day of marketing overload, how do you appeal to your market? There are numerous tactics and strategies for marketing and they all work to some degree.  Some promise to be the shortcut to success, but, just like diet pills, many are gimmicks.  When I talk with my clients, the number one issue they state to have is marketing; how to market being top of the list.

If you are going to market correctly and effectively, you must master this formula that I am about to share with you.  Have a pen and paper handy–you are about to create your Marketing Success Formula!!

And it goes a little something like this…

WHO?  Who is your market?

WHAT?  What are your products?

WHEN?  Timing is everything…when will your marketing go out?

WHERE?  Geographic target area….where do your prospects live?

WHY?  What is your message (this is the reason for your campaign)?

HOW?  The method you use to deliver your marketing message.

On that piece of paper I told you to have, jot down the answers to the above questions.  There is no “one answer fits all;” you will start every marketing campaign by answering these questions first.  Your answers will most likely vary from campaign to campaign, so keep your WHY in mind as you answer.

Let’s if deeper in to each question now.

WHO your target market is defines your campaign.  Perhaps you work best with couples who are older, perhaps planning a second marriage, versus a 20 year old fresh out of college.  Are they Starbucks-loving fans of Walk the Moon who shop at Whole Foods or are they Foldgers drinking, Rascal Flats fans who prefer the benefits of Costco? Not sure?  Take a look at your existing and previous clients.  Look for patterns among those who already are your fans and go after others that fit that persona.

WHAT you are touting also weighs heavily on your campaign.  Let’s say you are a photographer…if you are trying to build your portrait business you won’t want to market that service towards brides who need a wedding photographer and visa versa.  Brand-building campaigns allow for you to pedal all your services but focused, individualized campaigns should concentrate on one particular product or service.

WHEN could be the most important question you answer.  Why, you ask?  Because timing is everything!  We’d all agree most wedding planning takes place late fall through early spring, correct?  So why would you pay $800 for an ad to run in June and July targeting brides?  It’s not effective and won’t net you many leads.

WHERE your target market lives helps you define your geographical area.  Do you travel or prefer to stay local?  If you travel, advertising on national platforms that couples across the U.S. will see makes sense but if you want to stay local, stick to the regional options.

WHY you are marketing is huge.  What’s your message?  Are you trying to tell the world you have something new to offer or are you simply trying to build your brand?  Remember, brand-building will be less narrow of a focus than when you are promoting a new product or service.

HOW you convey your message could make or break you.  Traditional, outbound marketing costs mucho dollars while other avenues,  such as email marketing, your website and blog, cost considerably less.  Word of mouth marketing is most cost effective and grass-roots campaigns can cost next to nothing and be really fun!  The method for delivery needs to be thought-out; consider your answers to all the above questions, then think about how you are going to reach out and touch your target market.

Now you have the ground work for an effective, successful marketing campaign!  See how easy that was?

What are some campaigns you are currently working on or have ideas for?  Please comment below!