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I have some serious questions for you….

  • Do you have goals?
  • Do you believe in the power of goals?
  • Are the written down???

What about personal goals, not just business goals?

Psychologists say that working towards a goal, be it business or personal, makes people happier and more satisfied.  That and flowers, of course…ha ha ha J  Florist joke.  Anyway….

Your personal goals and your business goals may not coinside.  In fact, they most likely won’t even overlap.  BUT they can benefit one another. Maybe you have a fitness goal…this will make you healthier on your personal side, and then help you have more stamina for those long business projects.

So the first thing to understand is that you have personal and business goals that most likely are separate.  You will want to establish what your personal goals are and what your business goals are on two separate worksheets, which we’ll get to here shortly.

I have another question for you…

WHY are you doing this?

Why are you a baker, a florist, a photographer, a DJ, a caterer…

Your why for becoming an entrepreneur is different from someone else’s, and understanding your why is one of the best things you can do for your business.  Think about what drives you.  It’s not “just the money” is it?  Think about your story.  This links you to your core principles and integrity.

But your why is directly linked to your passion—and passion is contagious.  When you are truly enthusiastic about what you do, other people see that, and it transfers to them.  I’ve had many brides hire me on the spot, all because they could tell I was genuinely excited about their wedding flowers and being a part of their wedding.  Hey, designing nearly 200 weddings a year IS fun—I get to live vicariously through all these other ladies and try out all different kinds of flower combos and color pallets…and then when I hand her the bouquet, and she loves it so much she is tearing up and hugs me…yeah, that’s my why.  I love to help people and provide them with a solution to their need that they are in love with.

So take a few moments and think about your passion, what motivates you and your why.  You will discover so much about yourself and your real reasons for why you do what you do.

Let’s now cover the basics of goal setting.

First, I suggest outlining your life’s purpose.  No, I’m not gonna go all Tony Robbins on you, but think about your legacy…think about what you want to leave behind—the impact on your children, those around you, your community, even the world.  But your WHY really plays a big part here. This is deeper than just paying the bills, so pause this video and take a few minutes to write down the first words that come to mind.  If nothing is coming to mind, write down your greatest fears and work backwards.  Think about the END RESULT.  Like, my biggest fear has always been dying unknown.  Ever since I was a teenager I’ve wanted to leave a positive impact on this world—in fact, my 6th grade yearbook has an inscription:  To the first woman president—6th grade!!  Now Hilary may beat me to it this year, but my point is, I’ve always wanted to leave my mark on the world, even at a young age.  That is my purpose, and I am living that purpose through changing how things are done in the floral industry and helping you grow and prosper with your wedding business.  So I hope that helps you.

Outline next what you really want.  What you wanted as a child is different in your 20’s and 30’s, and certainly different in your 50’s and 60’s.  But once you have your life’s purpose written down, write down what you really want.  Maybe it’s financial freedom.  Maybe it’s the ability to work from home so your baby doesn’t have to go in to daycare (that was one of mine).

So now, you are gonna break down what you really want, keeping in mind your life’s purpose, into bite-sized chunks.  Write these down now! Let’s say you want the ability to work from home so you can stay with your baby.  What do you need to do to achieve this?  Well, your revenue needs to be $X, your income needs to be $X & you need to hire X number of employees to cover the workload.  There, I just broke down the big goal into smaller goals.  These are the smaller goals you are gonna work on that will then be translated into your marketing plan in the next class!

Productivity studies have proven that having too many goals all at once spreads you too thin and you can’t get anything done.  Ideally, you want no more than 7 goals.  5 is even better.  So pick the top 5 that you are gonna do in 2017 and let’s roll with those next!

So when you are working with these goals, you want to make your goals SMART


Identify EXACTLY what you want to accomplish

EX:  I want to be the best baker in New York   BETTER:  I want to win the Best of the Knot award for bakers


You need to be able to analyze the goal and measure if its working or not

EX:  I want to increase sales in 2017  BETTER:  I want to increase sales by 10% in 2017


It has to be something you can do—accomplish—make—create…think of it this way:  This gets you to the end result & is not distracting you from the goal.  Sometimes even good things are distractions if they are not going to lead to action.

EX:  Be consistent in blogging BETTER:  Write a blog post every week


It needs to be attainable but be careful and don’t make it too easy!  Step a little bit out of your comfort zone but don’t set yourself up for failure

EX:  Be the next Preston Bailey  BETTER:  Get interviewed by local media as the go-to event designer in my town


Assign yourself a “due-by” date.  Giving yourself a deadline will hold you accountable and you are more likely to complete it.  A goal without a deadline is nothing more than a dream, so get your head out of the clouds and give yourself a date to turn in your goal and redeem your prize!

EX:  Book 20 weddings  BETTER:  Book 20 weddings by June 1, 2017

WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS!  To help you with this, I’ve created a snazzy goal-setting worksheet just for you—JUST CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR COPY.  Click on it, print it, and start writing down your goals!

I start with the BIG goal—maybe it’s to pay off your student debt.  Maybe it’s to quit your day-job and go full-time with your wedding business.  Maybe it’s to take your business to the next level and hire 3 employees.  You’ll also need to establish a financial goal for the year, so enter those here.

Then break the goal down into bite-sized mini projects, list those out in the boxes below.  List the steps you need to get there and give yourself a “due-date.”

Review your goal sheet weekly.  Ask yourself, what have I done and what else do I need to do next to achieve these goals?  Let these goals fill up your daily task list, not mindless, pointless tasks that won’t help you get anywhere.  Everything you do, every day, needs to have these goals in mind.  If they are not contributing to the end result, chuck them out the window.

Add in accountability.  Look, no one really ever accomplishes a goal alone—think about when you worked for someone else, or maybe you do now…but your boss is always drilling you about if you got that project done, doesn’t he?  That’s your accountability, and as your own boss, you lack that.  No one is here to hold you accountable anymore, so it’s sink or swim and it’s your own fault—you can’t blame that on someone else.  So You need a support system, such as a coach, a mentor, a spouse or really good friend whose gonna ask you, did you do what you were supposed to do???  Mastermind groups are GREAT for this too—I’m in one now that has taught me that my fear is my greatest enemy.  But don’t share your goals with everyone or just anyone—it needs to be someone who is vested in your interests and truly cares about you and your outcome.

Last but NOT least….celebrate your victories, big and small.  Reward yourself when you complete a goal!!  Maybe it’s as simple as a new nail polish or those book-ends at Create and Barrel you really wanted…or dinner at Cheesecake Factory…maybe it’s a day at the spa getting pampered….but if you don’t enjoy life, enjoy the path…you will get burnt out, really really fast.  Even workaholics, like me, need some time off or a special treat.

I’d love to see your goal sheets–share them with me and the whole group on Profitable Wedding’s Facebook page!