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The rules of social media change, oh about every 3 seconds.  LOOK!  Another new algorithm has been born (what’s an algorithm anyway?  I thought that was what my math teacher got while trying to teach me geometry….)!!  There are some necessities, however, that if you are not employing, you are missing out on raving fans!!  Here’s how:

First, what to post.

TEXT is only retained 10% of the time, so it needs to accompany a relevant picture (Ok you cat people, you know I’m talking to you!!)

IMAGES The human brain scans images 60,000-times faster than text, so use images in every post!  Also, posts with images are seen 94% more over text-only posts!

LINKS 6 out of 10 people click on links.  Are you using them in your posts?

VIDEO It is predicted that 74% of internet traffic in 2017 will be video watching.  A rumor I heard earlier this year suggests that in the next few years, Facebook will be video-only posts (no text).  Plus, Facebook will increase your organic reach for videos.  So do video.  Period.

Your posts must be…

USEFUL  Provide tips, advice and insider scoops that a bride/couple will find helpful.  Educate!

INTERESTING  A behind-the-scenes look into your world…behind the curtain, while setting up a wedding or while you are doing the work no one ever sees you doing will score you points!

ENTERTAINING/FUNNY  Put a comical twist on what you do (example:  We had the idea of putting our delivery driver, Tony, in a pair of knickers with a golf club on a putting green and giving dating advice surrounding flowers [of course].  Tony is a bad golfer, so the missed swings, dating and flower puns, and unplanned commentary when he shanked a ball would have been hilarious and kept people watching!).

INSPIRING  How many quotes or death-defying stories have you shared on your Facebook or Instagram?  Adding the human touch and tugging at heart-strings will likely score you some shares and increase your reach.  Could you donate your services for a person who’s dying wish is to get married?  Showing off random acts of kindness are always great, too.

CONVERSATIONAL  Provoke a conversation and get comments going!  Ask a question; ask for opinions or feedback.  I suggest staying away from religion and politics, but playing on current events and hot topics here will get people talking about your business!

PRODUCT/EVENT SPOTLIGHT  Your posts need to be only 20% “salesy.”  But when you have a new backdrop and you want to show it off, spotlight it.  Did you just buy the latest high-tech software for editing pics and none of your local competitors have it?  Brag about it (shoot a video of you editing some images, showing off what it can do and explaining why the viewer wants to hire you to do the same for them!).  Host a bridal open house and make sure all your fans know about it.  And did you know… 88% of consumers have purchased a product they have pinned on Pinterest!  So it’s okay to sell, just don’t sell all the time.

Now you have the formula for creating raving fans on social media!  Follow it, and comment below about how it’s going for you!!