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email   Emails are the lifeline between clients, potential clients, employees, centers of influence, colleagues, your friends, family and those trying to sell you (or maybe you are doing the selling).  But what about maximizing their potential–are you doing that?

If someone has reached out to you with a question, client or not, and you simply respond, you did your job.  But you are missing a HUGE opportunity to capitalize on this opportunity to turn it in to something more.

Here are SIX ways to add more “sales” to your emails without being to “salesy.”

#1:  INCLUDE A CALL-TO-ACTION AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR EMAIL     It’s as simple as saying, “Check out my website for more wedding inspiration” and linking back to your site.  If they are inquiring about your prices, or packages, have a page on your website specific to this, tell them to “check out my pricing page” and link directly to it.

#2:  INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER     It sounds simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many of my competitors or wedding pros I come across do not make their info easy to find (not you, of course!  But check to be sure)!  Include your phone number in your signature and while you are at it, make sure it’s easy to find on your website, too!

#3:  BE PERSONABLE     If it’s Friday, close out your email with a happy “Enjoy your weekend!” message.  If it’s the new year or a holiday, wish them a fun and safe holiday.  Don’t just sound like a robot and answer the question with no emotion.  Inject some personality in a polite, professional way!  If you know they just celebrated a birthday, or a work anniversary, congratulate them! Doing little touches such as these show you care (and pay attention).

#4:  RESPOND LIGHTENING FAST     Make it a habit to respond as quickly as possible.  If a lead pops in via email, are you going to sit on it and respond tomorrow?  You better not!  If it pops in while you are in your email, chances are she is still online herself and you can catch her!  The rule in my flower shop:  you must respond to leads within one hour of it’s arrival in our inbox (most our leads come in via our website; some The Knot or Wedding Wire, but very few call in anymore).  It’s wedding consultation season, and the efficient pro gets the booking.

#5:  USE A SUBJECT LINE     I don’t see this as much anymore, but the email without a subject line won’t get opened, so be sure when you send an email your subject line is filled out and explains (in as few words as possible) why you are emailing, aka, your agenda.  Do your best to make it all about “them” if it’s a true sales email; emails today are regarded as OPP (Other People’s Priorities) and if you don’t give them a compelling reason to open, they just won’t.

#6:  SHARE SOMETHING NEW OR EXCITING     Have a new wedding rental, a new package, product or service you are offering?  Be sure to tell people about it via your email!  Add a “PS” at the end and include something you think will be of interest to them (or their clients if they are a center of influence).  Example, “Have you seen our new elegant backdrop?  It’s soft, flowing chiffon would be the perfect addition to your ceremony!  CLICK HERE to see a picture and get rental information!”  Be cautious to not be too salesy; make it sound like a conversation and you are just “letting them know.”  Link to information, pictures, order forms, etc to get interest building!

**What ways do you use to increase sales from emails?  Please share in the comments below!