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You spend an hour (maybe more) with a bride…don’t let her leave without hiring you!  Here is how at Bloomtastic we “close” a bride and book 90% of those we meet!

  • Prior to your close: Review price with bride first; ask if that is what she was expecting (read her!! Watch body language).  If she doesn’t seem overall happy [aka over budget], ask her what about it doesn’t appeal to her and see where cuts/revisions can be made in order to get the price to her liking.  She’s in front of you now; don’t let her leave without booking you!!  Sometimes there is nothing you can do to get what she wants to fit her budget.  That’s ok!  She needs to see that.  But still suggest places she can revise, trim, or cut altogether to lessen the financial burden.  This way you come across as you are on her side, really working for her.
  • Explain the next steps
    1. These are specific to your business and category. An agreement and retainer (also known as a deposit) are a MUST, but what other features do you offer?  Tastings?  Mock-ups?  Fittings?  Samples?  When is the balance due?  What other meetings are required and when?
  • Assume the close by saying, “Let’s go ahead and secure your wedding date while you are here today!” Smile and nod your head up and down (YES!!)
  • Stress you cannot hold the date without a signed agreement and retainer
  • “(fill in the month she is getting married, or the date itself) is a really busy/very popular month/day and I’d really hate for another bride to take the date before you!”
  • Shake her hand (be professional)
  • Tell her how much you like her and want to design for her! You are excited and honored to be a part of her special day!
  • Remind her: Proposal is valid for seven days (creates sense of urgency); you will follow up with her in a couple days (set the expectation so she knows you will call/email)

Written in dialogue form:

Ok, Sarah, I’m so excited you are happy with the price and are in budget!  The next step is to sign an agreement for services.  This agreement doesn’t lock you in to your decisions; you can still add, subtract, tweak and change your order, it simply hires us and secures your date.  The locking in of your choices is done at the final consultation, which takes place no less than 22 days before your wedding.  It does, however, secure these prices for you, so even if the costs of the flowers increase, we will pay the difference and not pass that on to you.  I also need to collect a $250 retainer which does come off the balance of the flowers.  You can make payments along the way if you like, and the final balance is due at your final consultation.  At your optional mid-term consultation, you can elect to see a mock-up centerpiece free of charge and we’ll go over your order, too.  This way, you can see, feel, smell and touch the flowers!

Let’s go ahead and reserve/secure your wedding date today!  (Wait for a response)

If she is hesitant or says no….

Ok, that’s fine!  The proposal is valid for seven days; after those seven days the pricing can change.  Most importantly, I cannot hold your date for you!  I need the signed agreement and retainer to do that.  (September) is a very popular month and I’d hate for another bride to come along and take your date! It is available right now…

This gives her a chance to reconsider her “no” answer.

If she sticks to her “no” answer…

As you are shaking her hand, exiting: Thank you so much for your time!  It would be such an honor to design for you—I’m really excited to!  I’ll follow up with you in a couple days.  Thanks again!!  (SMILE!!!)

Above all:

Be Genuine

Be Sincere

Be kind

Be Firm

Be Booking!!

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