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It’s easy today for anyone to start a wedding vendor business.  Get some business cards, read a book, put an ad out and PRESTO!  A wedding vendor is born!  But there are distinct differences between someone who is “just a wedding vendor” and an “expert wedding professional.”

People hire experts.  People (your clients and potential clients) want to know they can trust the person to show up, do the job correctly, and be professional.  Sounds easy, but how do you poise yourself as an expert?  Here are 7 steps to turning you into a Wedding Professional Expert!

1.)  Specialize     Instead of just being a photographer, a wedding planner or a florist, become a candid photographer (a photographer who captures the moment, not posed images), a wedding architect (a wedding planner who takes a concept and creates the entire event), or a modern floral designer (a florist who only creates modern, minimalist looks).

2.)  Write a Blog     Explain in words and images how awesome you are and that you know your stuff.  More info on writing blogs can be found in my article To Blog or Not to Blog!

3.)  Write a Book or Manual     Take all your know-how and bind it!  Nothing speaks success like authoring a book.  There are many self-publishers such as that inexpensively allows you to create professional, real books!  Or, take it to your local printer and have it spiral-bound.  Sell  it on Amazon, locally, or give it away to your potential clients to build a reputation as an expert!

4.)  Reviews and Testimonials    Saying how great you are will make the potential client think you are self-absorbed, but a former client saying how much you rock makes you look like a professional expert!  Put testimonials on your website, your marketing materials, even your business cards.

5.)  Guest Blog Posts     A great way to reach more people and poise yourself as an expert is to write a post and have it published on another wedding pro’s blog, or, even better, a national power player, such as Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc.  Simply contact the admin and ask who you need to chat with to offer your advice for free.  You’ll be surprised how many will take you up on it!  Then be sure to link these posts on your website, your blog, Facebook, Instagram, etc. so your people see it too!

6.)  Videos     Create a YouTube account and demonstrate your know-how and what you do via short (less than five minutes) videos.  Give tips for brides and give behind-the-scene access  to people and they will be intrigued!

7.)  Speak     Can you give a demonstration at the bridal show or venue tasting?  What about presenting at your local wedding pro chapter or NACE chapter on topics of interest to other wedding vendors?  Public speakers are instant experts.

Positioning yourself as an expert isn’t a hard chore, it just takes some time and dedication.  Many of these items will overlap with your marketing plan as well!  What ways have you enlisted to position yourself as an expert?