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How awesome was last week’s Facebook LIVE stream?  If you didn’t catch it, run over to Profitable Wedding’s Facebook Page NOW and watch!  It’s only 20 minutes long and it will show you, step-by-step, how to use a live stream for your wedding business!!  I also share seven great ideas to use Live stream for, and there is a companion guide you can request for free as well!

Wedding season is here (not that I really have to point out the obvious) and this is your time to SHINE!!  As your brides are gleaming from their big day, are you taking advantage of a critical marketing opportunity for your business?  It’s called gathering testimonials and it’s WAY easier than you think!

At the time of this writing, Bloomtastic (the florist company I own and operate) has 161 reviews on The Knot, the leading wedding authority for brides.  This is double the amount of the next-closest florist, sitting at 83 reviews (who has been an advertiser on The Knot longer than we have, I might add).

Screenshot The Knot

I ask brides how they found us.  From the leads via The Knot and Wedding Wire, hands down they all say they contacted us because we have so many reviews!  Not the work we have done, although that is a close second, but the number of reviews we have.


Having a high number of reviews on The Knot/Wedding Wire says two things to brides:  (1.)They are the wedding pro of choice and (2.) I need to go there, too!!!


There’s a reason why we have so many reviews, and I’m about to share the secret sauce with you….

The first thing you have to do is great work.  I’m not a perfectionist; I believe it is better to be “good and on-time” rather than “perfect and late.”  But, you have a contract with your client to provide a certain product and/or service, so be sure you follow-through with your promise.  Exceed expectations by under-promising and over-delivering; I know you hear this a lot from coaches and informational sources, and it is the truth.  Think of it this way–would you be proud to show your Grandma the finished product/service once it’s complete?  If yes, you are on the right track.  If no, you have some work to do.

So you wowed the couple the day of the wedding–you developed a great relationship with them beforehand and then sealed the deal by surpassing their expectations the day-of (or after the wedding if you are delivering the photo album, etc).  Kudos!!  You now have a great candidate for a review!

How do you get the review?  Here’s how we do it:

STEP ONE:  Send an email after the wedding to the bride, congratulating her, asking how it went and letting her know how honored you were to be a part of their special day

STEP TWO:  When she replies gushing, this is your Que– Reply back and ask her for a small favor; to write a 5-star review on The Knot/Wedding Wire (or both–we do) so that future brides can chose a reputable florist.  Include the direct links to your profile on these pages (or other sites if you prefer).  This method puts them in the “good merit” position; they are helping other brides who are lost in the sea of never-ending wedding pro choices hire someone who will treat them right a do a great job.  We also add that their review will help us as we are in the running for “Best of the Knot” and “Couple Choice Award” (Wedding Wire) so they are not only helping brides, but a business they love, too!

Providing the links is HIGHLY important–you want to take the work out of it for them.  Don’t make them have to pull up The Knot and try to find you; instead, give them a direct link to where they can write the review on your profile so it’s quick and easy and they have no reason not to!

On a side note…if she isn’t gushing, this is your opportunity to fix the problem and learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.  If she complains, don’t ignore the email; call or reply back and get more info and see what you can do to make it better.

Wouldn’t it be great if the emails were already written for you?  Want shortcuts for all this and other situations in your business (such as responses for complaints)? Done-For-You Templates is in the works and will be available from Profitable Weddings soon!

What ways have you used to obtain reviews?  Please share in the comments below!  And in a future article, we’ll chat about ways to use reviews and testimonials to sell for you!!