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One key component to succeeding in business to is to know who your TARGET MARKET is and to market the heck out of them.

Pre-Homework:     Draw a picture of who you want to work with–your ideal client.  Not sure??  Click this worksheet that Core Club members get to help them draw their idea client, for free!   {CLICK HERE}  Obviously, he or she is someone getting married, so there’s one answer to your homework.  But you have to know exactly who they are in order to solve their problem with your product/service.

#1:  Look at your current customer base     I know this sounds very technical, but create a spreadsheet with all your clients from last year.  Write down their characteristics, such as budget, age, location, occupation, level of schooling and other background-type info.  Look for commonalities–you will begin to see trends among your clients.   Now ask yourself if those trends are in line with the type of bride/couple you want to do business with; the ideal client you created in your pre-homework.

#2:  Review your product/service     Write down a list of your products and/or services.  Then under each, write down the features that each product/service has.  Next to each feature, write down what the benefit for the client.  You have to know what your products/services DO for your clients.  How they transform and improve their lives.

#3:  Evaluate     Does your product/service support who you want your target client to be?  Do they have a need for it?  Does it solve their problem?  Does it transform your target client into what they want?  Where can you find this person?  Can they afford you?  Are there enough people, a big enough pool to dip into (IMPORTANT:  If your ideal client is a luxury, high-end bride, but you are in a small, rural area, you don’t have enough people who fit the criteria and you need to go back to the drawing board).  Will your target client really benefit from the list of products/services you wrote down?  SECRET SAUCE:  You MUST understand what is driving your client to buy.  No, it’s not just because they are getting married and need a cake!  Is it status?  Is it you are the only one in your area offering a certain style, say, the geo cake??? You have to know what is driving your target client to make a decision to hire you–you find this out by doing research.  Ask existing and past brides.  Just starting out and don’t have any?  Create an advisory board with no pressure to buy from you, and ask them.

#4:  Market towards them     Find the bridal shows they attend, or the networking events they hang out at after work.  Are they the kind of bride who uses the Knot or Style Me Pretty?  Advertise there.  Fish where the fish are!!  Align yourself with other wedding pros who are attracting the same type of client.  Create relationships with these wedding pros and ask for referrals AND give them referrals.  Participate in open houses and tastings at the venues who host your target client’s weddings.  What dress shops are they buying their gowns from?  How can you get your info in there?  Maybe they send out emails to their clients, can you get a mention or pay for an ad?  Can you host a workshop at the bridal shop, educating the shop’s clients on how to hire the right (fill in your field) and tips and tricks they don’t know about that will make the wedding planning process easier!  Get creative and let the marketing ideas flow!!

Like the worksheet?  Want more, PLUS me as your coach??  Check out the CORE CLUB!!

What marketing ideas can you think of to reach your target client?  List them in the comments and share!!