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Cut and paste template

My husband, a fellow marketer, coined the term, “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up.”

Now I want you to write that down on a post-it note and put it in the corner of your computer so you see it.  Daily.  This phrase will mean the difference between you getting hired and not.

Wedding Pros who follow-up after the consult book more business.  That’s a known fact.  But here’s the secret:

You have to follow-up MORE THAN ONCE.


You have to do it IN A TIMELY MANNER.

Here’s my EXACT template on how I follow-up with a couple after the consultation if they didn’t hire me on the spot, including what to say and when.  Feel free to print, tweak to your category and use this yourself!!

First email:  (Send the next day)

Hi (bride’s name)!

Just wanted to make sure you received the proposal I emailed you yesterday and to see if you have any questions.  I would absolutely love to be a part of your special day—looking forward to hearing back from you!

Second email: (Send about 3-5 days after the consultation)

Hi(bride’s name)!

Just following up to see how the wedding planning is coming along for you!  Please let me know how I may be of service to you.

 Third email: (send about 7-10 days after the consultation, based on your “urgency reason” as stated below)

You should have some sort of “urgency” reason built in to your proposals, such as a price guarantee that expires soon after the consultation.  Mine is a 7-day price guarantee.

Hi (bride’s name)!

The 7- day price guarantee for your proposal ends tomorrow so I wanted to touch base and see how the wedding planning is progressing.  I am here to help and will be honored to design for you!  Please let me know.

SECRET SAUCE:  The phone is not a prehistoric beast that no one operates any longer.  PICK IT UP!  USE IT!!  Or, for a 21st-century twist on the phone, try texting your bride.  Haven’t had one yet get upset with me for shooting her a text.  It’s faster, and they respond more than to email, which can get lost in a sea of OPP (Other People’s Priorities).

The above are the first three follow-ups…interested in more?  My ebook, Done-For-You Scripts and Templates gives you 33 pages of scripts and templates for just about every situation a wedding pro will encounter, including a sure-fire six-word script for getting a YES or NO answer from a bride who isn’t responding to your follow-ups!  It’s just $29 and available in instant download!  CLICK HERE to learn more and get your copy NOW!!