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Makeover You are the best in your community!  You shine like no other wedding pro does and you rock your passion.  You don’t need to market your business because, heck, brides are flocking to you!!  Every vendor in town brags about you to their clients and every former client tells their friends that you are the ONLY show in town.  Life is great.  Until your new potential client looks you up online.

If you think that brides are not looking you up, think again.  In a survey I conducted last week of 151 of my very own brides from 2014, every single respondent stated they reviewed a vendor’s website and/or their The Knot/Wedding Wire account before inquiring.  What message are you sending your potential clients?

Don’t be a parking lot attendant and just sit there.  It’s time for a makeover.


  • Your Outdated Website.  Photos from weddings five years ago are outdated and (most likely) out of style.  Do you have pricing on your site?  Is it current?  What about your “about us” page…does it have current info?  And what about the template/layout of the site itself?  If its more than a few years old and it looks like it’s from 2000, it’s time to update!
  • Your Sporadically Updated Blog.  You know, that section of your website that is like free advertising for your services and work but that you haven’t posted to in two months (or more)?  Commit right now to updating it at a minimum–once a week.  This will also keep your website fresh and new and help with SEO (Google likes to see new, relevant content on a regular basis).
  • Your Abandoned Twitter Account.  You set it up because someone told you it was a good idea and you should have one.  But if you don’t post to it–you’ll never be found!  Plus, it hurts your Google ranking (Google likes to see updated social media).
  • Your Bare-Bones The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc Profiles.  Post pictures and update them at least once if not twice a year.  Ask for reviews from your brides (Because new, potential brides are reading these and they weigh heavily on their decision as to call you or not!!) and keep them current–reviews that are more than one year old are worthless to a potential new client.  Also–don’t overlook your LinkedIn profile!!  Many of my brides connect with me on LinkedIn, so rest assured they are looking you up personally on there, too.
  • Your 15-Minutes of Fame.  The local news station did a segment on your awesome business so you posted a link to the video on your site–fabulous!!  Oh wait, it was from three years ago.  The article you were featured in from 2009 won’t cut it, either.  Nothing says, “has-been” like old media.  Remove the old ones and work on getting new ones!

Save yourself the embarrassment and do a self-check of your online appearance TODAY.  You must have a top-notch web and social media  presence if you expect to get quality leads.