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Friends Talking over Coffee 2003

Coffee Talk with Wedding Pros

It’s the dog days of summer…you are either swimming in weddings or twiddling your thumbs.  It happens to everyone; you have busy weeks and slow weeks.  Don’t think that a slow week means a vacation, oh no!!  It means it’s extra time to grow your business.  You can go play golf or swim afterwards.  🙂

Here are 5 easy actions you can take during slow(er) periods that will give you instant results:

1.)  Take a coffee break.  Invite a wedding pro (different segment than you, of course) to go out to lunch or grab a coffee one morning.  Chat about three things:  1-get to know them better; 2-local wedding trends (share ideas/get ideas); and 3-how you can help the other person.  That’s right–make it about the other wedding pro, NOT yourself.  He/she will be flattered and will reciprocate (hopefully with referrals!).

2.)  Tidy up your desk.  It’s true, a clean, organized work-space is easier to maintain, makes you look like you know what you are doing and keeps you laser focused.

3.)  Shop your competition.  Do you know what your competitors are offering?  How they are marketing?  What they are doing?  If not, you should find out now.  Study their websites; read their reviews online.  Check out their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages.  Pose as a bride and request information via their website to see how they respond, how long it takes them, etc.  Document your findings, then do one better (than they do).

4.) Focus on your marketing.  Two words:  Never Stop.  Never stop marketing!!  What you do (marketing wise) today pays off in one, three, six, even 12 months down the road.  It’s a continuous cycle.  Look for new opportunities and continue with those that have worked.  Here’s the formula for success marketing!

5.)  Update your website.  An updated website is not only loved by your clients but by Google as well.  Add a blog post (here’s my post on awesome blogging); add new images of your work; add a document that contains helpful info for your clients in regards to wedding planning; make sure your links work and that your contact info is current.  You don’t want to miss a lead because your email address was wrong!

**What actions do you do to take advantage of down time and better your wedding business?  Please share in the comments below!