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Social media is all about the “now,” so here are 5 strategies you can start using right this very second with your social media efforts that will bring you more fans, followers, presence and sales!  And the best part, these strategies do not cost you a dime (unless you decide to pay to boost the post)!

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Use Video Announcements   Instead of using all text to announce something special with your business, say it in a video.  Video still has a better organic (meaning you didn’t pay to promote the post; it was naturally seen by your fans) reach than text or a picture on Facebook and your post will be seen by more people.


Train Your Fans   Have a consistent type of post–on the same day each week (and preferably around the same time)–that is repetitious and draws people to your page to see what’s up!  Examples:  have a contest each week (this one is proven to work well); “Flower Fact Friday;” “Motivational Monday;” “Behind the Scenes Saturday;” “Wedding Wednesday;” and so forth.


Engage   Facebook in particular grades you on participation; how many comments, likes and shares your posts receive.  The more interaction you get, the more your posts will organically be seen.  I tested this recently on Bloomtastic’s page; I posted a picture of a new floral design and asked for people to name it by commenting below.  Within five minutes it had six comments and 109 people (organically) saw it.  After 24 hours, 912 organically saw it,  748 saw it under my boost (I eventually boosted for $5 so more people would see it), I had 50 comments and a share or two.  So ask questions (Which do you like better?), fill-in-the-blank sentences, or conduct a poll to encourage engagement and interaction.


Celebrate your Fans    Everyone wants to see his or her name up in lights, so each week, select a “Fan of the Week” and make a big deal out of it.  It can be a former or current bride who you want to showcase her wedding or just someone you randomly picked from your fan/follower list.  Post his/her picture, maybe answers to an interview question or two (which means you have to talk to that person prior to posting), and really make it good by giving him/her a treat from your products/services goodie bag and post that, too.  Post who the “Fan of the Week” is on the same day each week and you will have people flocking to your page to see who (well, if they personally) were chosen this week.

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Piggie-Back Authority Figures   What I mean by this is, repost or share posts, blogs, etc., from influential wedding pros, either locally in your community or national figures such as Colin Cowie, David Tutera, Randy Fenoli, Inside Weddings, Style Me Pretty, etc., which will only boost your authority.  Back in the day of Myspace, my husband built a major following on his blog simply by posting articles written by other motivational speakers.  Jayson made some killer connections from it and many admirers even though the content wasn’t directly his.  However, when he began posting his own content, people followed him even more because he had already established himself as an authority figure by aligning himself with other great, influential authorities.

Want more great ideas for your social media? has 100 of them (See, Piggie-Backing Authority at it’s finest 🙂 )!!

What strategies do you use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to gain attention?  Do you have a secret weapon for engaging your fans/followers?  Please share them below!