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20 Ideas2  I’ve been putting a lot of emphasis on social media, blogging, etc. this summer because, well, A.) It’s summer, aka wedding season and you are busy so these are bite-sized things you can do NOW to better your business and B.) nothing is a hotter topic right now than social media.

Q: So what’s it all about?

A: The Client.

Everything you do, everything to say, needs to be for your client (or potential client).  Not you, but THEM.  If you are simply tooting your horn and not giving them a reason of how it will benefit them, then you are wasting your time, efforts, maybe even money if there is an investment involved.

FACT:  The client doesn’t really care about you.

FACT:  The client only cares about what you can do for him/her.

FACT:  Your marketing efforts (yes, social media is marketing) need to answer one question:  WITFM (What’s in it for me (me as in the client–the person reading your marketing)

“That’s great,” you say, “so what do I do?”

Glad you asked.  🙂

First, be sure you are providing content that is INTERESTING AND BENEFICIAL to them.  Focus on solutions to their problems (in your case, the problem is that he/she needs a wedding cake, flowers, music, planning, etc.  How are you going to solve that issue? The problem may go deeper and involve budgets, locations, special needs…so you need to have a plan for providing a solution and demonstrate that plan via your marketing).

Second, you need to build a relationship.  People do business with those whom they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.  Not everything you do needs to be “salesy” or what most people define as advertising a product for sale.  Today, people want to see your human side, too, and get to know the person they are working with.  Through your social media, you have a HUGE advantage to humanize your business and then your potential clients will feel like they already know you before hiring you.  This is done via content that isn’t necessarily a promotion for your company but rather a compliment (recipes, jokes, motivational quotes for brides, etc) to what you do.

Now that the marketing lesson is over, here are 20 IDEAS for your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, blog and any social media marketing you do.  Brainstorm what you can do under each topic and you will have a plethora of content!

1.) Tips               2.) Checklists               3.) Recipes                 4.) Schedules

5.) Forms           6.) Examples                7.) Pictures                8.) Maps

9.) Lists              10.) Reviews                 11.) Reports              12.) Links

13.) Timelines    14.) Puzzles                  15.) Jokes                  16.) Articles (from 3rd party)

17.) Quotes         18.) Inspiration           19.)Surveys               20.) Case Studies

**What other ideas can you add to this list?  Please share below in the comments!