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12 Habits of Highly Successful2

I’m training a new consultant to meet with brides at the flower shop, and as I’m working on her education and laying the groundwork for her success, these 12 habits resonate as the core to her success.  They were the core to my success and will be yours, too.

So what does it really, I mean REALLY take to be a successful wedding pro?  Here ya go.  🙂

#1 Confidence     Maria in the Sound of Music sang that she had confidence as she approached the gate to the von Trapp family home to convince herself she did.  Confidence is gained through positive experiences and is conveyed to others by how you speak, your appearance (posture; body language), what you say and how you say it, etc.  No bride is going to hire a photographer that says to her, “Yeah, I think I can shoot your wedding to your liking.”  NO!  She will hire the photographer who exudes confidence and says, “I’ve got this—I know exactly what you want!!”

#2 Proactive     Take the initiative.  Be a self-starter.  Go for it!!  Lead the march yourself and don’t mess around.  Be the first.  Think ahead and anticipate the future instead of reacting to the past.

#3 Accountable     No whiners here—there is only room for those who take responsibility for their own actions.  Don’t offer up excuses; you are where the buck stops.

#4 Problem Solver     In business, you are going to make mistakes.  Some mistakes are fixable, but all can be learned from.  Be quick to solve problems (In the favor of the client is the best advice I can give) and don’t dwell on them—Learn from them!!  Do you think Thomas Edison got the lightbulb right the first time?  Heck no!!  Do you think our world would look entirely different if he had not learned from his mistakes and kept trying?  Heck yes!!

#5 Constant Learner     Business in general is ever evolving, changing, growing…and you will lose out if you don’t commit yourself to be a lifetime student of your trade and of business in general.  Always be reading.  Always be learning.  Always, always, always!  To be successful, you must travel on an endless path of mastering your craft.

#6 Progress     This is my favorite word.  You must always progress; move forward.  Envision your business bigger, better than it is currently, bigger and better than you ever thought it could be, and strive for that.   You can’t be complacent; what got you here is not enough to keep you here so you must keep progressing forward.

#7 Accept Change     A no-brainer— you HAVE to be willing to change.  This may be your business, but your clients vote with their dollars.  Are you getting many votes?  If not, you need to be willing to change what you are doing.  Change is Business’s middle name, and in the wedding industry things change in a second.  If you don’t like change, you may want to think long and hard about your future.

#8 Keep Score     Business owners who know their numbers prosper.  Pay attention to your Google analytics, website stats, where your leads come from, your conversion rate, your cost of goods, your overhead, your bank account, etc.  Being in-tune with your business means you understand where you came from, where you are, and where you can go (up).

#9 Big-heartedness     As with anything in life, it is much for fulfilling to give than to get.  Your generosity will be rewarded (not to sound like a fortune cookie, but it is true) as your gift will be reciprocated back to you in the form of publicity, sales and an excellent reputation.  A wise man once told me, “Givers get.”  So have a big heart and give what you can.

#10 The Big Picture     Highly successful entrepreneurs have the God-given talent to be able to see the big picture and foresee their business in the long term.  As long as you are progressing, what happened yesterday is history (but learn from it); what happens today really doesn’t matter.  It’s what will happen tomorrow as a result of today that matters.   As the famous title of a well-known series reads, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.  See your business as a whole.

#11 Think BIG     Are you the best (Fill in your category) in your city?  If your answer is no, that’s the wrong answer.  What do you dream for yourself?  Your business?  Your legacy?  You may only have a few weddings under your belt now, but what about five, even ten years from now?  Picture your business bigger than it is now and have the confidence you will achieve this goal.  Now let me ask you….are you the BEST in your city?

#12 Work Hard; Play Hard     You work harder, longer hours now as a business owner than you did when you punched in and out for your boss (or perhaps you are still punching the time-clock and working your business in the twilight hours).  But admit it, you love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!  Reward yourself equally for your efforts as they pay off.  Adopt this motto:  “I earned it.”

**What habits do you practice for success in your business?  Please share below!!