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It’s bridal show time!!!!

Bridal shows are our #3 source of leads for my wedding flower biz–they can be AMAZING, if done correctly.

Here are 10 Hacks to having your best show ever and getting more leads than you ever have before:

1.)  Fish Where the Fish Are     FACT:  Bridal shows attract brides and grooms.  You can’t be seen by this many potential clients in one day in any other form of marketing.

2.) Scope Out the Show First     You want to display at the right show that is going to get you in front of your target market.  If you don’t know who your target is, start there.  Decide who your ideal client is.  Next, make a list of the the bridal shows in areas you service.  Find out who the attendees are (are they in your target market?  If not, move on!), average number of attendees, price for booth and size of booth, dates of show, etc.  Discover 14 more things to look for during our bridal show workshop on January 26th!

3.)  Location, location, location!     Where your booth is at on the floor matters.  A corner is best; you get exposure from two sides.  SECRET SAUCE:  The front left or front right corner is the ULTIMATE BOOTH LOCATION!!!  Most people when they enter a trade show floor go to the right and many, including myself, go to the left.  So ideally, in the example below, booth #24 or #73 are your best places to be for maximum exposure (based on where they enter the show, which I wrote the word, “Enter” on)!

4.)  Allow Couples to Walk In     Set your booth up so people can walk in to it.  Don’t you dare hide behind a table!!!  Your booth needs to be inviting.  If you are hiding behind the table, reading a book and not paying attention to people, you are not going to get any leads!!!  In the bridal show workshop on January 26, we’ll cover different ways to setup your booth that are inviting and allow the attendees to get into the action!

5.) Display Your Best Work     I know this one may sound obvious, but I’ve been at shows where, honestly, the vendor should have saved his money and stayed home that day.  Bring your A-Game.  Bring and display your BEST work.  You are paying big bucks to be at the show, and you only have one chance to make a great first impression.  See several REAL bridal show booths that knock it out of the park and some misses, during the bridal show workshop happening on January 26th!!  SECRET SAUCE:  I’ll also give you my exact script I say to brides to get leads on the spot!!!

6.) Give-a-ways, Contests and Freebies     Some wedding pros chose to give something away at their booth to attract attention.  Promotional items, such as ink pens are great, but people tend to just want the freebie.  Contests, for, say $500 off a package, are a great way to capture info, but you have to wonder if they are just entering for something free or are they really interested in you as their wedding pro.  I’m not knocking doing a promotion in your booth, I’m just saying to think it out first.  Typically high-end brides are not attracted to freebies or give-a-ways as much as a budget bride, so consider who your target is when creating a promotion for the show.

7.)  Engage     You gotta talk to them!  Smiling isn’t enough, displaying your work isn’t enough.  You have to teach them a thing or to (like when is the right time to hire you) and ask them questions!  Be genuinely interested in them and their big day!!!  SECRET SAUCE: Want the exact script I use (it’s short) to get leads on the spot at bridal shows?  Join us January 26th for a super-detailed workshop giving you everything you need to triple your return on investment from the bridal show!!  PS–I don’t go for bookings on the spot.  That’s tough to “sell” them in 3 minutes on spending thousands of dollars with me.  It’s a better use of your time to schedule a consultation, plus, I can talk to a whole lot more brides this way!!

8.)  Arrive Early, Stay Late     I always arrive early to the bridal show so I can chit chat with other pros!  You’ll learn a lot about trends other pros are seeing in your area this way and you can forge some great relationships that can turn into centers of influence.  Then, I stay just a little while after the show before tearing down.  Why?  At 5pm on the dot, everyone starts tearing down—there are still attendees walking through!!  If they really need a baker, and you still have your cake samples out and stop to talk to them instead of being in a hurry to rip your booth apart and get it in your car, then you just might score a client.

9.)  Bring Water and Food     Hopefully, you won’t be the only one working your booth, but even if there are two of you, it can be hard to slip away for a bathroom break or to eat!  Plan ahead and bring your lunch or a snack and LOTS of water to keep your throat wet for all that talking!!!

10.)  Watch our Workshop Jan 26th     By now you’ve probably caught on that we are hosting a bridal show workshop.  🙂  If you do anything to improve the quality of your shows and the amount of leads, you need to invest in this workshop!  Core Club members get access for FREE–not a Core Club member?  Learn more and sign up by CLICKING HERE and you’ll also get me as your business coach (only $39/mo)!!  If you prefer to just watch the workshop, I’m happy to have you!!  CLICK HERE to sign up for just the workshop ($49).

The Deets:

  • January 26, 2017 at 1pm
  • 90 minute online workshop with replay link if you miss it live
  • Covering….
    • How to chose the right show for you
    • What to look for and the right questions to ask when signing up
    • How to design your boothspace so couple want YOU
    • Choosing the location of your booth so you maximize exposure
    • What to display and how (with LOTS of examples, both hits and misses)
    • Marketing before the show; how to get more couple there to see YOU
    • Marketing during the show (including my word-for-word script of what to say to brides!!)
    • How to engage couples & get them drooling over you
    • Contests, Give-a-ways and freebies for the show (ideas on what to do and how to do it)
    • How to get LEADS so red-hot they will show up for their consultations!
    • My step-by-step process of how we got 61 leads from 1 show last year!
    • Other opportunities from Bridal Show I bet you never thought of!
    • …And so many more bullet points I’m running out of room!!!