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Multi Ethnic People Holding The Word Blogging

It’s no secret, blog posts are a great way to build an audience!  You demonstrate your expertise, your knowledge and your leadership in a certain area.  The hardest aspect of blogging, I have found and hear from countless others, is coming  up with topics.  I have weeks, too, where I stare at a blank screen for a while.  Although ideas are all around us, sometimes you need one to fall out of the sky.

Here are 10 ideas you can use, right now, as topics for your wedding blog!  These ideas I have used personally and have documented increased traffic when these topics appear.  Post one a week for 10 weeks…and since it’s wedding planning season right now you are sure to get some fantastic leads!

1.)  This Year’s Bridal Trends  Can be related to weddings in general or specific to your category (florist, DJ, photographer, attire, etc).  TIP:  Don’t show spring ideas in spring and fall ideas in the fall; show fall ideas in the spring (when fall brides are looking) and spring ideas in the fall.  Or, do an overview for the year focusing on gowns, popular color palettes, etc.

2.)  The numbers issue: How much does a wedding cost?  Provide the break-down for your geographical area of the costs involved with weddings.  List the average prices or a price range for each category.  If you can, even include how to create a budget, at least for your category.

3.)  All in the family; assigning duties to Moms, Aunts, Grandmas and more! Tips on how to keep your family busy, in the right way, which helps you.  Interview clients and ask them how they put friends and family members to work.

4.)  The history of weddings For the history buffs, share the origns of marriage and old traditions, some of which are funny (brides carried flowers to hide body odor; Groomsmen were to make sure bride didn’t run away, etc). A Google search will produce oodles of ideas! This is always a fun one to do in the summer, when much of the planning is already done, just for a good laugh.

5.)  10 perfect places for wedding photos Think local—the cool mural in the alley downtown, the nature preserve that has an awesome waterfall, landmarks, etc.  Include a few “off the beaten path” places that your readers most likely are not aware of.  Interview photographers to get their input on these hidden gem locales and be sure to mention them (and link to them) in the post.

6.)  A “Behind-the-scenes” look What goes on behind the black curtain is a mystery to most brides.  Pull back the drape and let them see!  Video is best for this post, so have someone follow you, recording what you do. Show the dirty work, the grunt work, the details that no one knows about.  It’s intriguing and will help increase their emotional value of you.

7.)  The BEST first dance songs Create a list of the best 12 first dance songs (easy to compile using Google or ask a DJ-friend).  As a bonus, include the worst first dance songs, too!

8.)  How to create a signature wedding cocktail!  Not only delicious, but fun!  Provide a few recipes and names of drinks; maybe even a list of mix-ins people don’t think of (who would have thought to put cotton candy in a cocktail?!?!) Include tips on how to experiment and create their own! Not into alcohol?  No worries, find a local bartender to help!

9.)  Showcase/ Q&A with a local vendor NOT in your category This is NOT meant to be a sales pitch, but rather, you saying how much you admire this other local vendor.  Showcase his/her work. Ask questions that your brides need answers to (be a source of information wealth!).  What’s powerful about this post is that typically the vendor you interview will reciprocate and profile you on his/her blog.  This just exposed you to a whole other group of potential clients!!

10.)  DIY wedding ideas I’m not an advocate of DIY, but it is here to stay.  Show brides what they can reasonably do on their own as a DIY project (something cool for the Escort Table, Memory Table, or Ceremony Backdrop).  Pinterest is overflowing with cool, creative and unique ideas!  Ask your clients and photographer friends to share images of local weddings and what they did.  Interview the bride and get her sources for the items and share with your readers.

**BONUS TIP**  Join groups on Facebook and other forums that contain brides and share your blog posts on the boards!  This is a great way to gain national exposure without being sale-sy.  You can also share them with your other wedding pro friends to share with their clients…even past clients of yours (2 out of 3 bridesmaids will get married in the next two years–keep that in mind!!).  Remember, keep your posts informative, educational and easy to read and you have a win-win-win!!!

What have you blogged about?  Please share your ideas in the comments below!