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#1 It’s About the Bride

  • It’s the bride’s day. Not her Mother’s, her best friend’s or yours.
  • Make her feel special by keeping eye contact and smile!
  • Offer your professional opinion, but remember it’s her day, her way

#2 Organization

  • Take detailed notes, keep neat records and keep ALL correspondence
  • Set a game-plan at the start of your consultation; what you are going to
    do, how you will do it and when to expect the proposal

#3 Commit to the Follow Up

  • You have to follow up after the appointment to get her business. Period.
  • One contact may not be enough to get an answer
  • Follow up after the wedding to cultivate good reviews!

#4 Communication

  • Don’t leave your bride hanging. Keep her in the loop during the process
    and stay in touch.

#5 Attitude

  • Be professional, courteous and friendly!
  • Shake hand firmly when you meet your bride for the first time
  • Act like you are her flower-guru friend who is trying to help her make the best decision possible
  • SMILE!

#6 Always do your Best Work

  • Rather it is your first consultation of the day or your last, make her feel like she is the one and only bride you met with today.
  • The same rule applies for designing. Mediocre work will mean less than  happy brides, and far fewer referrals.

#7 Education

  • Never stop learning!
  • Stay on top of trends by reading wedding blogs, magazines, Pintrest and sources your brides are going to, such as The Knot
  • Find a mentor who has been designing weddings for longer than you

#8 Be Available

  • You don’t have to answer your phone at 2am, but do take her call when she calls in rather than calling her back and respond to emails within an hour or two, even if it’s just to acknowledge the email.

#9 Don’t Take it Personal

  • The hardest thing to do!
  • Not everyone will like you, your designs, the colors, etc. Everyone has different tastes and it is not a reflection on you.
  • Not everyone will hire you. Even if you two hit it off, it may be price or location. Don’t take it personal.

#10 Deliver on the Promise

  • You and your bride signed a contract. She expects you to live up to your end of the bargain and you expect her to as well. Always honor the contract.
  • Her expectations may be high, it is her wedding day after all. Under promise and over deliver so as to exceed her expectations


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