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Running a business is hard.  It takes time, blood sweat and tears.  It’s time consuming.  But you already knew that…

These 10 apps are a must to save you time and make things easier.  Take a look!!


CardMunch  is a way to turn your business cards in to LinkedIn connections.  It’s a free app created by LinkedIn and will free your Rolodex (do those still exist??) of bulky paper business cards.


Mileage Tracker is an app for your phone that will keep track of all your business miles…you are recording those, right?  They are tax deductible!!  This app is just $2.99 and keeps track for you of your trips to make your life easier.


Waze is a free app that doesn’t just get you from point A to point B, it alerts you to traffic issues in real time and will re-route you!  Ever so important when you are traveling to a wedding site and can’t be late!


Remember the Milk is a free app that organizes your projects and keeps you on track!!  You give the project a date and it organizes them based on deadline!  SO important when you have multiple weddings and/or/meetings going on at once!


Asana is a free app I’ve mentioned before, but it is worth repeating!!  It is a task manager for groups, so you can stay on target when you have other people you are working with!  You can also attach files from Dropbox!


Log Me In is a MUST.  We use this app and it allows you to remotely log onto your computer to access files, images, documents…whatever you need!  Let’s say you are onsite and the bride claims something isn’t right and that she sent you a picture of how it was to look…you can log in and find that pic!  Free version and paid ($29.99).


Skype is an amazing tool for wedding pros!!  you can host a live meeting with a bride, who may be in another state or country and best of all you can do it from anywhere (I see you wearing your PJ bottoms and slippers under the table!!)!!  You just can’t beat this tool and there is a free app version for your phone so now you really can meet with your bride, anywhere!!


Square  has leveled the playing field for home-based businesses and brick-and-mortar ones.  You don’t need to signup for an expensive merchant account–Square is free and simply charges you a flat fee to process the credit card.  Best of all, it works on your tablet or smartphone, so you can take it anywhere.  Now you CAN accept credit cards!!


CamScanner turns your smartphone into a scanner.  Scan agreements, proposals to send to brides…receipts to expense…business cards to keep…and more!  Plus it’s a free app!!


Dropbox okay many of you may have this, but in case you don’t…Dropbox uses cloud technology to store your important documents, images, etc.  Did you know there is a free app for your smartphone so you can access it anywhere?  We store all our bride’s proposals, agreements, pictures, etc in Dropbox, so being able to access it while onsite for an installation is a must!!