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Hold on…before you pick up that turkey drumstick…let’s talk about your closing technique.

“My what?!?!”  you ask.

Your closing technique.

“I don’t have one.” you reply.

Then I’ve got news for you:  That’s why you are not booking as many weddings as you want, or think you should.

“How do I fix it, and in a hurry!  Consultation season is starting!!!” you say with urgency.

“Oh, and I HATE to sell.”  you add.

Lucky for you, this article is going to give you the cut-and paste solution for booking every bride/couple on the spot, when you meet.  Are you ready?

First, understand this:  PEOPLE DON’T LIKE TO BE SOLD; THEY LIKE TO BUY.  So as much as you hate “selling,” they hate to be “sold.”  You can take that word out of your vocabulary now.  To let them buy:   the client gets to participate in the consultation, this is all about her/him anyway, right??  Ask them questions.  Let them be a part of the process instead of you just making a speech or presentation.  Let them feel your passion for your craft and for being a part of their special day through the process.

Next, know this:  PEOPLE BUY FROM THOSE THEY LIKE AND TRUST.  If they don’t like you, game over.  If they don’t trust you, their dollars will be spent with someone else.  Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t click with every bride that walks through my door–you are not going to be a match for everyone.  But in order for the client to want to buy from you, they have to like you and trust you.  If you build trust and they like you, all the barriers for them to buy from you will be removed.

Lastly, here’s your SECRET SAUCE:  USE AN ASSUMPTIVE CLOSE.  This is simple:  literally, you assume that the client is going to buy from you.  You believe it, before the consultation even begins.  Easy enough!

Here are some Assumptive Closes you can say right now to seal the deal:

“Let’s Move Forward.”  I LOVE asking a question that doesn’t have a “yes or no” answer!

“Since your wedding date is almost full…” assuming you book more than one wedding per day.  If not, say, “Since your wedding date is available today but it may not be tomorrow…”

“Will you be paying the retainer today by cash, check or credit card?”

“Let’s go ahead and (schedule your next consult/schedule the venue walk-through) while you are here”

“Is there any additional info you need today before you secure the date?”

Here’s how I do it:  Here is my awesome assumptive close that works 90% of the time.  It combines elements of many of the above closes:

“Well Sarah, I’ve really enjoyed learning all about your wedding and it’s going to be more beautiful that you think!  I really am excited about (insert something from your chat here) and to work with you!!  While you are here today, let’s go ahead and secure your wedding date before another bride does!” 

What I did:  compliment her; showed my passion and excitement; demonstrated that I really listened to her by recapping something we chatted about; assumed we are moving forward today with her booking and created a sense of urgency by reminding her that someone else could snatch up her date and she will miss out!  Be sure to nod your head in a “yes” fashion while ending it–this is a positive body language technique and chances are, as long as you earned her trust and she likes you, she will nod yes back and book you on the spot!

What ways do you use to “close” your brides?  Share in the comments below!  And please share this article with your wedding pro friends, after all, it is the season of giving and sharing knowledge that makes our great industry grow is the best gift you can give!