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Hey you savvy wedding professional….I’m currently on sabbatical and returning in late 2018.  Going to Wedding MBA in November?  I’ll see ya there, if not sooner!  🙂

Profitable Weddings helped me create a solid foundation for my flower shop so that I could walk away from my business and it will run itself!  Heather was easy to talk to over the phone and email and offered million-dollar advice.

Mary Smith

Owner, There's Something about Mary's Flowers

I bought the Blueprint unsure if it was for me.  I was wrong.  New as a wedding photographer, I had no idea but what was worse, I had not idea that I had NO IDEA.  Within two months of dissecting the blueprint I doubled the number of bookings I got.  In month 4, I booked $20,000 in weddings.  Amazing is all I can say.

Debbie Smith

Smith's Fine Photography

“My name is Sarah and I am the Director of Weddings and Events for a
florist in Dallas. We recently started implementing some of Heather’s
ideason booking weddings and the payoff has been pretty incredible. After
watching the 90-Seconds video and learning to ask for the sale, we’ve
increased our bookings from around 70% to around 90% almost immediately.
Inaddition, we’ve lowered our retainer and started delivering our
proposalsin the meeting rather than 24 hours later all to really great feedback
fromour clients. In fact! I’m really excited to report that we’re two weeks
into this month and our booking rate so far is 100%.

Sarah Amond

Director of Weddings and Events, Dr. Delphinium

Heather has been such an asset to my business thus far! I’ve already seen a change not only in how others are viewing me as a professional, but in my own attitude and persona as well. I’ve gained more confidence in what I have to offer my clients as well as the ability to think of new and innovative ways to promote to potential clients. Heather is always available whenever I have questions or need advice and has never been critical or berating to me or my ideas. I can that she’s 100% devoted to helping me succeed and she definitely wants the best for my business!

Alayna Parker

Owner, Alayna Parker Photography

Heather has helped my wedding business tremendously!  From the smallest detail to the largest, her blueprint has taken me to the next level of professionalism.  I have booked 9 out of 10 weddings since I bought her blueprint and watched her “How to book a bride in 90 seconds” video.  I project by next year I will have tripled the number of weddings I have done. Not only did she help my business with her blueprint and videos, but I had a phone call meeting with her well she helped me personally with ALL my questions.  She gave me her personal insight on what she would do in my situation and how to make a difference with the smallest detail.  She actually wants you to succeed and is willing to help anyway she can.  I fully believe in Profitable Weddings!
Chelsea Steele Holloway

Owner, A Rose Garden

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